Grey Dolphin offers a ranges of services to it customers. Having been in the Engineering and IT industries we are familiar with project methodologies and the technicalities.

With the addition of aerial imaging a new range of services can be added to the above IT skills. This allows projects to me managed and data to be safely collected in accordance with CAA regulations. Pilots are BNUC-S qualified and fully insured of rate equipment being used.  traditional images and video can be captured either as discrete items or as part of website creation. 

Other opportunities arise when multiple images are processed to create 2D maps or 3D models. Either using normal colour camera or with specialist Infra red cameras. Call to discuss your needs and we can create solutions to match your requirements.

Website creation and maintenance potentially involves a wide range of services. Grey Dolphin works with a number of people an can provided a complete end to end service from photography of content to hosting of websites. Maintaining and updating older websites is one of our specialities. 

BNUC-S Qualified pilots 


Grey Dolphin holds a current UK CAA PFCO